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Ray Cortis’ ‘Roots’ – In deep at the Wignacourt

Ray Cortis 2

There is something sinister about Ray Cortis’ work: a sort of magic in the movement, a surrealism in the depiction of his objects, and what seems to be a bottled-up pain that just had to come out. Whatever it is that his work makes you feel, however, one thing is obvious: he is no amateur to the art scene.

Working under the guidance of master Anton Agius, the apprentice has now carved a name for himself. As Ray Cortis told us, “Anton Agius is the person who helped me improve my skills as a woodcarver and even more so as an artist.”

Entitled Roots – due to the fact that Cortis enjoys “working on tree roots, because most of the works are in roots, and last but not least, because roots and trees are interesting material in terms of colours, form and movement” – the exhibition has been at the Wignacourt since July, and has attracted many visitors and much positive feedback.

Ray Cortis 1

Cortis’ work is of the highest quality and innately Maltese. The aim for his endeavors, at least this time round, was to “express human fingers in the most classic of ways, particularly in the depiction of the guardian angel” and for the artist to express himself in “a most poetic and dramatic way.”

In our very biased opinion, he has managed this wonderfully, but don’t take our word for it. Ray Cortis’s Roots is on until the end of September and definitely deserves a visit.

For more information on ‘Roots’ contact us on +356 2749 4905.