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Hey, That’s The Wignacourt’s Joke!

A new concept in comedy premieres to the general public this Thursday as Hey, That’s My Joke! are set to take the stage at the Wignacourt.

Hey, That's My Joke!

Over the summer, comedy nights at the Wignacourt became noteworthy events, and with Punch Fist Production’sHey, That’s My Joke! performing this Thursday, the tradition is set to continue into the winter. The troupe, made up of some of the best local talent, including Malcolm Galea, Philip Leone-Ganado, Joseph Zammit and Marie-Claire Pellegrini, will be premiering something completely new in comedy that hasn’t been seen or experienced anywhere before, apart from at their own closed-premier just a few weeks ago.

Hey, That's My Joke!

Hey, That’s My Joke! is a quirky twist on stand-up comedy with added elements of improvisational comedy, and surprisingly, it works really, really well,’ says David Chircop, Creative Director at Punch Fist Productions. “Basically, what happens is this: comedians start by performing a short comedy set, then, the audience chooses who they want to perform whose set, and the comedians have to perform each other’s set. They won’t ask any questions, they will just have to do whatever the audience asks.

Hey, That's My Joke!

“That’s where all the hilarity and carnage begins, and I tell you it is a riot. It’s quite special how well these two genres of comedy have managed to blend together, and the Wignacourt just makes it that much better,” continues David.

Hey, That's My Joke!“As a venue, the Wignacourt is quite special for us performers. It’s a new space for us to explore which is not only oozing with history and character, but it’s particularly versatile as well. No wonder it is building such an exquisite repertoire events on its calendar. We are truly excited to be among its ever-increasing number of acts and hope to be as special as the venue itself.”

Hey, That's My Joke!

Hey, That’s My Joke! will perform at the Wignacourt Wine Gardens on Thursday 24 October 2013 from 9pm onwards. Please call on 2749 4905 to book your table.

Painting the Wignacourt Purplle

Band Purplle T3ree is set to take centre stage this Thursday as Wignacourt’s Summer Under the Stars keeps on shining well into autumn.

The Wignacourt is fast becoming as well-known for cultural events as it is for history. Seven weeks after Summer Under the Stars was kicked off with a roar of laughter by the Wembley Store Boys, the series of culture and music that took over Thursday nights is set to continue, even though summer has now made way for autumn.

Purplle T3ree, a band formed of guitarist and cajonist Matt West and frontman Ben Purplle (who will also be on the guitar) are now set to follow in the footsteps of the acts who have made Wignacourt’s Summer Under the Stars a staple summer event.

“Performing at the Wignacourt feels like you’re going back in time,” Ben Purplle tells us. “We keep imagining that, at some point, a group of people will walk in dressed in old-fashioned attire, see us there playing modern music, and charge us with playing black magic chants!

“History at the Wignacourt is such a strong concept, but it’s also great at adapting to modernity… and this event is going to be a great, one-of-a-kind experience! We are three, tightly-connected musicians who, although influenced by different things, produce a unified sound. Those joining us on the night can look forward to a chilled-out experience, and plenty of fantastic covers performed in our own trademark style.”

Purplle T3ree will perform at the Wignacourt Wine Gardens on Thursday 3 October 2013 from 9pm onwards. Please call on 2749 4905 to book your table.

Good Things Come In Threes

The Wignacourt’s curated tours to the sound of Stalko’s indie music have been so popular they are set to return for the third time on Thursday 17 September.

Stalko curated tours.

Stalko curated tours.

In anticipation of next Thursday’s event, we spoke to some of the recent attendees to discover what exactly made these events so incredibly special.

“There are only positive things that spring to mind when I think back to Stalko’s curated tour of the Wignacourt. The tour was magical from start to finish, with lots of surprises along the way,” Alison Galea, the lead singer of Beangrowers, tells us.

“I had never been to the Wignacourt, so it was an exciting evening. It was a great combination of culture and good, acoustic music, which promised a peaceful vibe to everybody there. Plus, Stalko performed really well in that setting and I was pleased to be a part of it. The Wignacourt Café was a welcoming start and wonderful finish to the perfect evening… I loved it!”

The same feelings were shared by designer Saz Mifsud.

“The stalko event at the Wignacourt was such a unique experience. It is one worth attending as it proved to be the perfect combination of art and music. I have never been to an exhibition which was also a gig,” says Saz. “The Wignacourt is special because when learning about the art on show at the museum, you also learn more about Maltese history. And, as for stalko, their folk melodies blended perfectly with the museum’s ambience.”

Stalko will perform at the Wignacourt and the adjoining war shelters and catacombs on Thursday 17 September 2013 from 9pm onwards, while the Wembley Store Boys will be on stage on Thursday 10 October 2013 from 9pm onwards. To reserve you places for both Stalko and the Wembley Store Boys please call on 2749 4905.


The Wembley Boys will perform at the Wignacourt Wine Garden, this Thursday - bringing great Maltese comedy to historic Rabat!

The island’s favourite comedy production is set to take over the history-drenched Wignacourt Wine Gardens for a fabulous night of comedy in Malta.

After their on-going series at Hard Rock Bar Malta at the Valletta Waterfront, Maya Beach Lounge in Mellieha and the Black Pearl in Ta’ Xbiex, the Wembley Store Boys will be hitting the Café Wignacourt & Wine Gardens in Rabat for a night of family-friendly stand-up comedy.

Known for adapting their shows to match their venue, the boys will ‘suit up and incline those wine bar attendees with rants, whines and goodly times.’ Their show for Wignacourt, in fact, has been ‘constructed specifically for this venue and will be enjoyed by a wider audience than the raunchier, heckle-heavy gigs the boys usually stir up.’

Their Hard Rock gigs ‘rake in around 300 spectators in attendance every three weeks’ and the upcoming Wignacourt one – with the participation of Malcolm Galea, Joseph Zammit, and Philip Leone-Ganado, hand-picked by James Ryder and Erin Stuart Palmier specifically for this show – is definitely not one to be missed!

So if you’re up for a relaxed night out full of good fun amidst centuries of history, and all in the company of some of Malta’s funniest comedians, then look no further than Wignacourt’s Wine Garden this Thursday evening – all part of Wignacourt’s Summer Under The Stars series of culture and music.

The Wembley Store Boys will perform at the Wignacourt Wine Gardens on Thursday 22 August 2013 from 9pm. Please call on 2749 4905 to book your table.