Monthly Archives: July 2013

Welcome to the Wignacourt Blog – a celebration of culture, community and history in Malta.


From the first migrants who claimed this land as their home, to its 2004 accession into the EU, Malta’s rich history is only paralleled by the artistic legacy of its people. Our islands are alive with a love for culture and we believe in sharing that passion with readers from around the world.

On this blog, run by the Wignacourt Centre, we shall be looking at the marvellous artefacts and splendid history of the baroque residence of the Chaplains of the Knights of Malta in Rabat – the Wignacourt’s stunning home. We will also be unravelling the incredible tales behind the adjoining Christian shrine of St Paul’s Grotto, which attracts thousands of people every year.

Run by culture lovers, and with input from historic experts from across the world, this blog will be delving deep into the convoluted pasts of our most famous artists. It will be looking for the inspiration behind our treasured artefacts and exploring the tangled history of our beloved island. It will also bring fascinating cultural and social news to the fore, while vivaciously celebrating the many brilliant people who are part of the Wignacourt, as well as of our extended community in Rabat, Malta, and beyond.

We hope you enjoy exploring the articles here, and we look forward to welcoming you to the Wignacourt in the future!