Good Things Come In Threes

The Wignacourt’s curated tours to the sound of Stalko’s indie music have been so popular they are set to return for the third time on Thursday 17 September.

Stalko curated tours.

Stalko curated tours.

In anticipation of next Thursday’s event, we spoke to some of the recent attendees to discover what exactly made these events so incredibly special.

“There are only positive things that spring to mind when I think back to Stalko’s curated tour of the Wignacourt. The tour was magical from start to finish, with lots of surprises along the way,” Alison Galea, the lead singer of Beangrowers, tells us.

“I had never been to the Wignacourt, so it was an exciting evening. It was a great combination of culture and good, acoustic music, which promised a peaceful vibe to everybody there. Plus, Stalko performed really well in that setting and I was pleased to be a part of it. The Wignacourt Café was a welcoming start and wonderful finish to the perfect evening… I loved it!”

The same feelings were shared by designer Saz Mifsud.

“The stalko event at the Wignacourt was such a unique experience. It is one worth attending as it proved to be the perfect combination of art and music. I have never been to an exhibition which was also a gig,” says Saz. “The Wignacourt is special because when learning about the art on show at the museum, you also learn more about Maltese history. And, as for stalko, their folk melodies blended perfectly with the museum’s ambience.”

Stalko will perform at the Wignacourt and the adjoining war shelters and catacombs on Thursday 17 September 2013 from 9pm onwards, while the Wembley Store Boys will be on stage on Thursday 10 October 2013 from 9pm onwards. To reserve you places for both Stalko and the Wembley Store Boys please call on 2749 4905.