Stalko and the Curated Tour

stalko logs2 (by Julian Vassallo)

Intimate, interactive and unique: take a curated tour of the Wignacourt Museum to the sound of Stalko.

Now in its third week, the Summer Under The Stars series of culture and music at the Wignacourt continues with Maltese indie music played in our historic surroundings. With the help of Frederica Agius, Stalko has “turned this gig into a combination of musical performance and a curated tour of the museum, the war shelters and the catacombs,” says Michael Stivala, one of the band’s talented performers.

Stalko (by Denise Scicluna)

“We’re going to spend the evening moving through a number of the rooms on a tour interspersed with music. Some of the locations, especially the underground war shelters and catacombs, will make for a wonderful, intimate environment for a gig.”

The band is also known for its great choice of venues and they are very excited about gigging at the Wignacourt, particularly due to its wealth of history, which, as Michael adds, they “hope to explore and further expose.”

Photo by Chris Vella

Stalko will perform at the Wignacourt and the adjoining war shelters and catacombs on Thursday 5 September and Thursday 19 September 2013 from 9pm onwards. The gig on the 5th is already sold out but please do call on 2749 4905 to book your place for the 19th