Wignacourt’s Silver Linings

A singing event by one of Wignacourt’s very own.

The Summer Under The Stars series of culture returns for the fourth week in a row this Thursday with Silver Linings, a group composed of singers Frederica Agius (one of the assistant curators at the Wignacourt) and Stephie Soler, with Josef Cassar on the violin, Peter Farrugia on the cajon, and Analise Cassar helping out with vocals.

“We’re excited to play at the Wignacourt Wine Garden – it’s the perfect venue for an end of summer gig and this will be our last gig for a while as Stephie is leaving on Erasmus soon!” says Frederica, one of the founders of Silver Linings.


“The Wignacourt has so much potential for gigs, as well as other performance arts, and we’re just happy to be part of it. They have given us a great opportunity to be involved and we hope people will join us for a relaxed evening with some popular songs we love listening to and playing!”

Both Frederica and Stephie are still at university reading for different Bachelors, nevertheless, they have played at a various events and venues – their favourite being a country and Western themed party last year.

They really enjoy doing covers and choosing songs they like playing and listening to, however, as Frederica told us, “we would love to write and play our own stuff and hopefully that will happen in the near future!”

Silver Linings will perform at the Wignacourt Wine Gardens on Thursday 12 September 2013 from 9pm. Please call on 2749 4905 to book your table.